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Cosmetic has become such a basic need used by everyone who likes to do the makeup very much. Nowadays everyone wants to look charming and attractive; this is why new cosmetic brands can easily make their place in the market. Now lets talk about fashion, everyone knows how big this industry is. Even on the social media platform like Instagram, there are so many influencers who are famous for their makeup and skincare content. They post about so many different things related to cosmetics & fashion. They experiment with trendy makeup and outfit hacks. Also, people love to watch it. They use their skills to inspire their followers to improve their appearance. There are Top 5 beauty and fashion influencer in India.

she is famous content creator Mrunal Panchal.

Mrunal Panchal is also known as ‘mrunu’. She is a content creator and a makeup artist. Earlier she was famous for her TikTok lip-syn videos. Now she has a large number of followers on Instagram. Right now she has 5 million followers on Instagram and 8.23 lakh subscribers on Youtube. Mrunal is famous for her unique makeup look. Some of her famous makeup looks are – fairy of Butterfly, Mother of Dragons, the nun, mystique, lucifer Morningstar, the mummy, and many more. All looks are crazy, unique, and attractive. She makes tutorials of different makeup looks. She also got awards like Iconic Female Influencer Award.


She is famous lifestyle blogger - Kritika Khurana.

Kritika Khurana is a lifestyle influencer. She is also known as ‘that boho girl’. She has a huge following on Instagram and Youtube. She holds a degree in fashion and design from the JD Institute of fashion technology. She always inspires viewers with her new and classy boho looks, people love it. She has a very beautiful bond with her fans. She also has a podcast named ‘What’s up sister’. She makes content related to beauty tips and tutorials. Kritika also got awards like Lifestyle Influencer Of The Year and Mega Fashion Creator Of The Year.


She is a video creator - Komal Pandey.

Komal Pandey is a video creator. She makes videos with different and unique ideas. She creates videos like – one clothes but ten different ways to wear them. She also makes recreational videos of some famous fictional characters. She always came up with amazing and unique clothing ideas. She styles herself in such a different way that everyone loves it. Komal’s confidence made her a successful fashion influencer. Her choice in fashion has a classy taste. She also has 1.9 million followers on Instagram.


Shreya Jain is a youtuber and beauty blogger.

Shreya Jain is a youtuber, fashion stylist, and one of the famous beauty influencers in India. She has 446k followers on Instagram and 7.52 lakh subscribers on Youtube. She makes videos like makeup tutorials and makeup tips. She also makes product review content and recreation videos of celebrities. Her followers used the products that are recommended by her; this shows how informative videos she makes. Apart from that, she has great taste in personal styling and grooming. Shreya also worked as a stylist at Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week. She also styled models for fashion magazines.


Guneet Virdi is a famous celebrity makeup artist.

Guneet Virdi is a celebrity makeup artist who also works for fashion shows, weddings, and other high-profile events. She is a brilliant makeup artist who creates magic with every brush she holds. She satisfied her clients with the best makeup look. On social media, she makes informative videos which loved by her followers. So many of her fans are truly influenced by her. She makes different makeup looks tutorial. She has 910k followers on Instagram. She got good amount of likes and views on the platform. People loves her content.

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